About Us

SAMCA is a multidisciplinary association open to anyone directly and indirectly involved with contractor management and can bring value to the association members as it pertains to the objective mentioned above.

We are a voluntary not for profit organization committed to supporting our membership through many initiatives such as the SACM annual conference, workshops, project management and publication of IRPs ,regional chapters, web site, education and development opportunities.

Our Vision

SAMCA is a robust, self-regulating organization whose members are qualified, informed, credible and recognized nationally and internationally by the public and industries as it pertains to Contractor Management, related risks and best practices. The forum of choice as it relates to health and safety, environmental, quality (SHEQ), and related processes and risks associated with contractor pre-qualification and management. 

Our Mission

To build an association that represents, supports and promotes our members in maximising contractor management processes, both as contractors and contracting organizations, through standardisation and the sharing and setting of industry recommended practices (IRPs). 

Our Objectives

·   Build a Strong and Capable Organization

·   Be the Place Where Members Come to Learn, Participate and Grow;


·   Represent and Promote the Interests of the South African economy as it relates to contractor management and associated SHEQ issues and risks.