South Africa Mining Contractors Association

The South Africa Mining Contractors Association (SAMCA) is an association of organizations that manage multiple contractors and suppliers/vendors (collectively referred to as ‘contractors’) and/or contractors that provide services to multiple large organizations practitioners. As an association we are dedicated to advance and continuously improve the efficiency and quality of contractor management within South Africa, across all South African industry sectors, through technology, standardization and the sharing of best practices. Our objective is to improve the productivity and profitability of our represented organizations and their stakeholders whilst uplifting the South African economy as a whole across all industry through standardization and contractor education and sustainable development solutions. 

Through consensus we aim to agree on solutions and industry recommended practices /standards (IRPs) to:

Standardise Contractor Pre-qualification in order to reduce administration, duplication of efforts and the procurement process;

Promote continuous improvement through-out the Contractor Management Lifecycle to support and increased contractor performance and reduce associated SHEQ risk; and

Support sustainable development through shared solutions to educate, develop and support contractors, with focus on SMMEs that marginally meet or do not meet minimum prequalification and procurement criteria for the industry they serve.